Take Care: Done

By: Highlander II

For: robintcj

Rating: R (leaning toward NC-17 for imagery); language, homoerotic sexual situations
Spoilers: None
Summary: Fic-let written as a 'Secret Santa' gift for robintcj at the BtVS_Santa LJ. It follows canon through the end of season 5, keeps with canon, but with a little twist. This piece takes place just after the events of "Hell's Bells".
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss Whedon and are property of Kuzui/Kuzui Entertainment, Mutant Enemy Productions, WB, UPN, FOX etc. etc.
Feedback: Highlander II

Xander rolled over, snaked his arm across the naked chest of the vampire beside him and planted a soft kiss on the exposed shoulderblade before resting his head against the strong neck with a quiet sigh.

The vampire rolled his head and nudged Xander with his elbow. "Harris," the vampire groaned, "what have I told you about cuddling?"

"But, it's cold," Xander contested, moving himself even closer to the bleached vampire.

The vampire growled. "This is nuts. Why are you even here?"

"What?" Xander sat up, hurt. "Huh?"

"You don't even like me. You don't want your friends to know anything about this, but you don't go home to your fiancée at night." The bleached vampire sat up, the blanket sliding down to his waist, exposing one slender hipbone. "Why are you here?"

Xander swallowed hard, trying to moisten his mouth. "B-because I wanna be." He blinked and made sure he was breathing.

The vampire shook his head. "You are completely hopeless, Harris. Go back to sleep." The vampire settled himself back onto the floor, his head on the make-shift pillow.

"No," Xander said firmly. "I should go home."

"Yeah, you really should. Because if Anya ever finds out about this, she'll have both your heads," a stern feminine voice sounded from the door of the crypt.

Xander's eyes grew wide. "Oh no." No, no, she can't know about this. No. This is a dream. She's not here. Please no.

"Yes, that would be a pretty good response," the female at the door stated. "Xander, you should really get dressed and go home. I'll beat him up for you." She pointed at the vampire.

"No. I... I mean... no, don't beat him up." He turned to see the vampire still sleeping next to him, completely unfazed by the entire exchange.

"But it's what I do, Xander. I beat up the demons that hurt my friends."

"He hasn't hurt me. How did you even know I was here?" Xander started to stand up, but remembered he was naked and remained on the floor, his hip pressed against the backside of the blond vampire.

The female shook her head. "It doesn't matter how I knew, I just knew and now I'm going to help you. This is wrong, you know that. He's evil." She pointed at the vampire again. "Evil. And now I'm going to take care of it."